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Why Book Direct

Why Book Direct

There are Following benefits of booking directly with Hotel Palazzo Inn

1. Skip out on indirectly paying for fees and commission

When receiving bookings through OTA sites, hotels need to pay commission between 10% to 25% of the total booking value at times, which means that the price you see on an OTA is likely inflated. 

2. It may be easier to change or amend your booking when booking directly with Hotel Palazzo Inn 

If your booking is made directly via the Hotel Palazzo Inn, then it’s likely that we will be happier to make amendments in your bookings depending upon the availability – and it’ll cost you less too!

3. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding night or anniversary –Hotel Palazzo Inn will be more than happy to try and incorporate something special to your stay. The same can’t be said about bookings made through third-party websites as they have no personal connection to you or the hotel. 

4. More likely to be accommodated into seemingly fully booked or sold-out hotels 

Even though a hotel may seem completely “sold out” on an OTA – it’s worth your time to give us a call for direct bookings.  Give Hotel Palazzo Inn a call or send an email to be accommodated for your preferred dates. 

5. Enjoy additional benefits when booking directly with Hotel Palazzo Inn

To encourage an increase in direct bookings, Hotel Palazzo Inn offer many advantages like free Wi-Fi, breakfast or even exclusive discount codes available to guests to choose to book directly through the hotel website.



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